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Paris Hilton

2008-08-07 21:49:42 by Flash-King-700

What the hell is so great about Paris Hilton? She's just some stuck up rich ugly fuck. She's got small tits, an ugly face. She's too tall. And her face has "Skank" all over it. And why the hell is she so famous? What the fuck did she do to get all this glory? I fucking hate that bitch


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2008-08-10 22:56:54

me to me to


2008-08-18 20:06:52

lmao you should not express opinions on subjects until you reach a certain age. You will know that age when you get to it. I can tell you though that you are not that age right now. I am not allowed to tell you anymo........


(Updated ) Flash-King-700 responds:

Dude I'm old enough to know what's hot and what's not.

She has tiny boobs for God's sake.


2008-11-09 02:55:58

Well she's fairly attractive, and you're obviously 12. (Prepubescent)


2008-11-09 05:42:47

she got fucked by a guy who then vidcammed her and spread it on the net


2008-11-09 05:54:45

You're really fucking late, this is old.


2011-06-15 22:05:46

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